True freedom comes from owning your land

Dear Editor,

How would you like to be the Night Watchman that guards those while they’re asleep and has the master key to open and close any doors for their so called security?

Who in this case will watch the Night Watchman that has the master key to open and to close these doors? While everyone’s asleep, which most people are, the govt. is slowly picking our pockets with every penny we have by raising taxes and changing the laws to compromised our land and no one seems to know because they have the master key to the ‘Justice System ‘ with this new law to have one of their ‘implant.’ to control the integrity of the Judicial System.

Socrates a great philosopher of antiquity was put to death by the govt. because he was accused of corrupting the youth, but in point of fact, he was teaching the youth how to use logic with critical thinking and asking questions about everything to find the truth.

Why is it important to know the truth? It is the only way that will set us free. The point is, the problem with today’s world is that too many people believe in anything their govt. and their churches tells them instead of doing their own homework and research to get to the bottom to know of how the world really works and how things came about.

They have been conditioned too long to ‘follow’ like a good sheep and churches labeling us as sinners instead of leading the way through enlightenment of ourselves through knowledge and understanding and knowing who we really are, as Socrates so adamantly suggest for man to “Know Thyself” first before you venture out to know the world.

Trust in ourselves that we have been endowed by the Divine Presence of the Universe that for lack of a better term some people called God to have all the rights and privileges to declare ourselves as a sovereign human being with human rights to think independently and without being coerced otherwise.

I came in this world naked as anybody else and I’m going back naked as well. The naked truth is ugly because there’s nothing to hide we are totally exposed to the truth, that’s why people can’t handle the truth. What else that’s left when you found naked and being exposed? Nothing, but out of that “nothingness” is freedom.

Pardon me for relating this story to illustrate my point. But the story goes that one Pastor pose a question. “O ai le tagata? no one seems to get the answer until one soka’imiti stop up and drop his ie lavalava and said, “ Ole tagata atoa lena,” hahaha, just a little humor but the point was driven to the heart of the question.

We were given equal rights under the law to uphold and adhere to it without preconditions and that no one is exempt from it but to serve the justice thereof. So long as they make a believer out of us instead of to know as in ‘knowing’ through knowledge they can easily blind folded our conscious eyes to accept anything they told us and not knowing that we have been manipulated to go along to get along, we will never find the truth and the justice we so adamantly deserve.

Our beautiful country of Samoa were empowered by great men during the Mau Movement with great stature that stood against Colonialism and the women as well that held the highest honor of serving our people with their Matai titles in the past were memorialized by their courage and finesse only to be cast in the shadows by those that were enticed by money and power.




Corruption has infested the world because the ‘color of money’ has superseded integrity and honesty, and I’m concerned that our govt. have yielded to this dark side of history when more countries are susceptible of losing their sovereignty through bribery and back door dealings that we are now facing with our debt.

Do we really need the wealth of the outside world that brings destruction and catastrophe to our beautiful paradise? The answer is no. We were better off with the ‘CASH’ economy we once have, you pay as you go, no bills no head aches and now the introduction of the CREDIT corrupt system that the western world introduced to us that ties up our land in return for money is more prevalent now than ever.

People live under the false pretenses that we have ‘equity’ with our land that we can borrow from it using a promissory note that we can pay it back with interest later on but only to find out that we don’t have the type of job to pay this money back and as a result, our land is swallowed up by the banks.

True freedom comes from owning our own land out right instead of paying taxes on it. The Torrens System was devised to do that. Once we ‘regis’ as in registration we are entitled to give up our land rights to the ‘king’ unknowingly in this case the government. They will then give us the carbon copy of your title while they keep the original. In other words its a trickery law to enslave us to pay them taxes on our own land.

Only time will tell when they will institute this tax law in effect, but its coming. Is there a relationship between Govt., Banking and Religion here? You bet your life on it is. Who founded the govt. systems of the world? All roads lead to Rome.

The Romans with their religion Dogma, that said render unto Caesar which is Caesar and render unto God which is God is a farce, the Caesars and God are synonymous . Since God is not here on earth according to their dogma, the Potifex Maximus who is the Pope is over seeing the affairs of the world on behalf of God.

Since the Roman Caesars families the Flavians, Julians and the Antonies were the ruling elites of the new era AD and to preserve their blood line throughout history they have created a system that said they were ordained by the divine to rule over the people of the world and to preserve their status throughout history and the churches supported this notion because then State and Church were of the same entity.

We are still living under the same old Roman Canon Law and Ecclesiastical law today. They’ve created laws of the land and laws of the high seas called Maritime Admiralty Law which are the banking laws to enslave humanity and for total control. We don’t literally own anything, we are slaves in the eyes of the elites and guess who funded 30 thousand Christian churches to dumb more people down, the elites and their masterful plan to keep people believe in their literal story of Jesus when in fact the story is a metaphor for spiritual and intellectual enlightenment of mankind. 

That’s why politicians are very comfortable in using Gods name to hide behind when it’s convenient for them for political reasons. The Zionist Christians with their Zionist Jewish counterfeit counterpart are a Geopolitical construct circumventing their grand control of the world through their secret society establishment because when it boils down to the system of secrecy they created, it is difficult for the uninitiated mind to comprehend the o’cult system they created. o’cult means hidden, the hidden knowledge that they know is not shared with the rest of the world but they want to keep it to themselves so they can get the upper hand against anyone dare threatened their supremacy.

So the key to the kingdom is rested upon those that are in control of our world today, not the Capital G God but the lower g god. Hope we understand the grand plan our masters has planned for us because I dare you to think out of the box rather than to think within the confine of a slave. 

As one of my favorite philosopher by the name of Hypatia of Alexandria the greatest minds ever existed in the 4th century AD once said; “ Reserve your right to think, for even if you think wrongly is better than not to think at all.” manuia le weekend.


Leituala Roger B.

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