Let Samoa Airways use golf course office

Dear Editor,

Thank you for editorial titled “What happens when corruption is a factor from the start.” This is another corrupt government body that needs a yardstick in the backside. 

The last time they were there, they were using the golf course like it’s their own golf course abusing it and who knows if they paid for anything like the rest of us. They have special treatment on the course’s facilities and equipment because naturally they are the facilitators of the government. 

This is a bad move by the minister and will only lead to more corruption. 

Can I suggest PAL or Samoa Airlines or whatever the name is to occupy that place as their headquarters? 

Firstly it’ll bring class to golf course and that part of town. 

Secondly, it will eradicate corruption by a government body, namely S.L.C, and have a tenant that is not the owner or the custodian of that government asset overseeing its operations. 

Samoa Airlines using that place can only lead to more infrastructure to that side of town, ie police department, restaurants, taxi’s buses etc. 

S.L.C will bring nothing.

The airline is gonna grow with it’s expansion and the benefits that will bring to the golf course and the surrounding businesses is only limited by the imagination. 

It will ease traffic congestion in town as well by having travel related traffic directed to Faleata instead of N.P.F all the time. 

It’s more convenient for the airline in transport arrangements between Faleolo airport and it headquarters. 

Good businesses for the golf course all the same.

More over, it can be a very good wound dressing to that place and bring some closure to it’s corrupt beginning under its former Minister. 

The public can perhaps see it as a good investment after all and a positive closure to it past history in politics.



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