I smell a rat

Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa coconut oil 

Rape seed oil is also a product that Britain is producing that may have to compete with coconut oil. 

Hmmmmm interesting.

Rape seed oil, canola oil, olive oil all are products of first world countries and are apparently healthy according to W.H.O and all the medical institutions of the US and Britain but coconut oil, an up and coming competitor, produced and grown in poor, developing nations like Samoa, is all of a sudden unhealthy. 

Give your head a shake. The fix is in. 

You mark my word as soon as the multinationals own the rights to the coconut oil industries in these poor nations the studies from these first world countries as well as the W.H.O, a first world representative, will say that coconut oil was healthy after all. 

I say keep buying and using coconut oil. The pollution from the fossil fuels these wealthy countries are killing our climate with and the bitumen tar/oil that is being extracted from the Alberta tar sands will kill us all before Samoan coconut oil will anyway. 

Why isn’t W.H.O and all the British/American organizations condemning that oil, which is arguably much more dangerous to our health than coconut oil. 

I smell a rat.



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