Help fix my house

By Adel Fruean 03 July 2018, 12:00AM

A 78-year-old woman has appealed for help to repair her house to make life comfortable for her and her grandchildren.

Sula Afamasaga Vavao from Fasitoo-tai lives with her daughter and her four children in a house with a broken roof. 

The family live in squalid conditions with the grandmother indicating that she continues to worry about their future. 

“When it rains, we cannot sleep properly due to the whole house being exposed to water everywhere,” she said. 

“There are no doors (and) on the floor it is hard with rocks because it is not cemented. Imagine sleeping on a floor that is not smooth enough for a good night’s rest. I worry for my grandchildren; they are young and should be staying in a proper shelter.”

The lack of a toilet in the dilapidated property is already taking a toll on the occupants with Sula indicating that it is a struggle walking up a hill to use the neighbour’s toilet.

“I had an injury which made it really hard for me to walk. But because we do not have our very own waste management facility, we all walk up the hill to our neighboring families to use their toilet. But that is a very big struggle, I try my best with walking but in reality it is really hard every day to go up and down just to gain access to it.”

The mother of nine also revealed that none of them have fulltime employment, though her daughter’s husband works abroad. 

“Most of the time, my children would come and support us with food and some of the things we need. But I know my children have so many things that they are trying to take care of but that is fine.”

Despite her family’s challenges, Sula said she will always be grateful for her daughter’s decision to stay home to take care of her due to her old age.  

“I am very fortunate that my daughter stays to look after me due to my old age. Even though we lack so many things but I am very grateful to God for the life given to each and every one of us,” she added.

 If anyone has the heart to assist or help Sula’s family in any way, please contact 7246948.

By Adel Fruean 03 July 2018, 12:00AM
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