Observing the dichotomy of Taxes and God

Dear Editor,

Re: Taxes, God and meaninglessness

I enjoyed reading your thoughts articulating like a spread sheet observing the dichotomy of Taxes and God and how these so-called two opposing factors plays out in the minds of us Samoans who are trying to find balance between the two.

If the poor people are torn between honoring the tax man (govt) and God (church) and if their families were in dyer need of money to sustain themselves; which of the two would they honor first and disregard the other to make ends meet?

In the bible, it reads; render unto Caesar which is Caesar and render unto God which is Gods. The question is; who is God and who is Caesar according to the bible? In his book’ “The Caesars Messiah” Joe Atwil articulated that the two characters are synonymous.

During towards the fall of the Roman Empire in the first century AD leading up to her final collapse in the 4th century AD, Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus who were believed to be the first deification as God the Father and Son according to Joe Atwil who have done an extensive research on the story.

The bloodline of the Emperors that stretched all the way back from King Phillip of Macedonia of Greece to his son Alexander the great to the Ptolemies that intermarried with the royal bloodline of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Cleopatra) that hooked up with J.C. Julia Caesar (Julian Calendar) of Rome to his adopted son Octavian that carried the bloodline all the way to Emperor Constantine in 325 AD that finally created the “literal” Christians (believers) we have today after killing off the original Gnostic Christians (based on knowledge).

The point is, there were no middle class during that time, only the elites and the peasants. The church and state were of the same entity and the poor were paying twice their taxes. Who was dominating Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire? The emergence of the most powerful new religion known as the Roman Catholic Church an incarnation of the old Roman regime cloaking herself with white clothes but hiding behind the scene the same elites that controls the world.

They set sailed around the globe preaching the new gospel and setting up new govt’s based on democracy which means (the mob rules); The bible on one hand and the sword on the other, convert or die, in the name of God of ‘Commerce” and business based on fiat currency and fake money while looting the golds and diamonds of the blacks of Africa and they reached our shores finagling our precious customary land in exchange for lending us promissory notes to be paid with interest, which is a slavery system.

The moral of the story is: “E le mafai ona e iloa le ato’atoaga ose mea si’e vagana ua e asiasi ile afu’afu ose mea.” 

God is within us according to the teaching of the Gnostics Christians, the Christ within, the good and evil is in us. You do good, a reflection of God, if you do evil, its the reflection of the devil. 

The dichotomy of positive and negative that are two opposing forces that creates balance, neutrality, equilibrium, center, midsection, etc .We have been given everything, and using reasoning and logic to know the truth of all things.


Leituala Roger B.

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