We give our all to respect Samoa, Lord God Almighty our foundation!!

Dear Editor,


With my utmost deepest regret; I write  regarding the letter titled “About the tax debate between Government and the Church” signed by Mr. Bill Hamilton recently published herein this medium.

How insulting! How insulting!

For as much as I do not like what the CCCS church minister resistance against the taxing of their lucrative pay-packets from the poor of the poorest parishioners’ in the world; and is lead by this Vavatau guy; and then this palagi thinks he has the decency to let his dirty mouth off as if Samoa is the land of fools?

Don’t you dare Mr. Bill Hamilton!. Don’t you dare.

Load your stuff onto your dirty bike and pedal haste back where ever you had come from.

Don’t you dare come to my dear country and insult my people the way you had thought you would get away with your garbage.

You as a visitor to my dear lovely country, I would only suggest to just shut your mouth.

This is a fight between us the people of Samoa. I would not dare allow any outsider who happens to be a visitor to get his troll self involved. Samoa is sacrilege, it is not like New Zealand, the US or Australia.

Samoa is a country of only indigenous people that no invaders can just walk in and let his mouth loose. Our democracy is in our Samoa way.

Hence, any Samoa word has no s; nor n at the end; it’s just Samoa; it’s just matai; it’s just faife’au. No palagi can come and dominate or change our lives unless we want to do it our own selves; ok Mister palagi man?

One positive aspect though for you Bill; you had signed your name (I hope it’s your real name) the reason I respond to your trolls from where ever you had come from.

I just do not give a hoot for how ever long you had come and go back from where ever da heck you had come from whether it’s two hundred three hundred or five hundred years ago or into the future; I-do-not-give-a-hoot!!!!

Do I give a shoot if you are disappointed with the debate going on between my people about the Government’s tightening of the tax laws with respect to faifeau and alofa as you had suggested?

Bill, I want you to understand and know, the word faife’au has no s at the end whether it’s singular or plural.

OK! That tells me you are an idiot!!!! Yes! In exclamation marks!!! You are an idiot to my eyes. I don’t give a shoot whether you are a palagi but reading from your grammar you are one of those stupid palagi.

And who do ya think you are to question Samoa Observer a bet each way? Huh! Who do you think you are?

Just get out the ma’afala and take your garbage to where you had come from. Don’t you dare take advantage of our internal matter.

Do I give a shoot who had run the school and who were at training and what they were trained for; the skills and whether they were women men or fa’afafige?

Do I give a shoot whether they can fish the shallow or the tide rising in millimetres, centimetres, metres or in kilometres?

Oh you’ll be drowned William; you’ll be certainly drowned. And for whatever they are being taught for the aspiring wives of the pastors today you as a palagi would have never had a slightest idea! That, I would have a laugh for sure.

So you had said: What the Pastors have since found a much more effective way of keeping their wives supplied with food (and plenty of it) - the pernicious practice of publicly announcing how much each family has donated in alofa; that so is none of your bloodied business about.

So what Bill! So What!!! And, you had said Bill: Over the years my wife and I have divided our time between Apia and a village. Apia now abounds with stories of the lifestyles of pastors, and of the consequences for villagers of trying to escape this competitive giving process.

But I say Bill: Does it matter? And do I give a hoot?

That is nothing to do with your palagi mouth. Just leave our fight to us that is nothing to do with any visitor to my country.

So if the locals had done some work for you and your wife, do I give a shoot? I can only just hope, that they surely got paid for what they had deserved.

So you had said: Occasionally village residents have done work for us, and they plead for loans to keep up with what their neighbours are donating.

One of my family living away, when asking a relative living in a village why he doesn’t just refuse to compete, received the answer: “Its alright for you, you don’t have to live here”.

Indeed! It’s so so so so easy for a palagi to let his mouth off because all he knows is the palagi way of life he has no idea to understand the Samoa way of life.

You see Bill: Us Samoans do not bank our money in banks. We bank our money in our aiga. And when we die or get married, the whole family die or get married together. And you? Poor Bill! You die alone.

So you had thought: Many villagers are forced into a state of perpetual indebtedness, while their money is used by their spiritual leader for personal aggrandizement.

So what if so Bill? So what if so? That is none of your business.

Then you said: Yet supporters of the system continue to argue the donations are an act of free will. And so be it; and so be it if that is an act of free will.

Bill! You do not understand our Samoa way of life unless you were born a Samoa, raised a Samoa, and live life a true Samoa.

Then you thought: It looks as though the Government has decided enough is enough and this severe inequality has to be addressed as a social issue.

Bill I say: That is none of your business Bill. That is none of your business.

But you had said: In your issue of 7July, Nanai Molonuu Lealalauloto Nofoaiga rambled over one and a half pages of the paper, without being able to make it clear to me just how the current tax tightening is in breach of the Constitution.

Then I say: It appears to me Bill you had wanted to have made your self a Constitutional lawyer; yeah? You know what Bill? No doubt you to me is just a tiny very, very. very tiny insect in my eyes.

Perhaps though in your palagi country you may or could be something. But when you come to Mr. Hollywood’s territory, you are nothing. Just mere nothing Bill.

Don’t you dare come a let your mouth loose in Samoa while I’m alive you idiot.

In the same issue, Reverend Vavatau Taufao quoted Jesus’ words about sheep and wolves, and about establishing his church on Peter as the rock, without providing any link between these quotes and the taxation dispute.

Mr. William Hamilton, just a kind word of advise for you; shut up! You have no right to say a word. Samoa is different from where ever in the world you had come from.

When I address issues in Samoa, I am a paramount chief. You are not. When I address issues in New Zealand, I have every right as Aotearoa is the land being invaded by people from the northern hemisphere. Same when I address issues in the Aboriginal lands; it is located in the Pacific in the Southern Hemisphere where I belong; are you from the northern hemisphere?

Get out of the Pacific. You don’t belong here. I do; you don’t.

If E.F.K.S. is expecting to be arguing it’s position in Court, it should consider doing so without input from its General Secretary, because irrelevant biblical quotes won’t cut much ice with a judge.

And who are you to judge Bill?

The statement: ‘Samoa, a nation founded on God’, has had a good run during the debate, but if this bunch ends up prevailing in its current dispute with the Government, the statement will have to be adjusted to: ‘Samoa, the nation which foundered on God.’

How insulting!!! How insulting!!!

Bill! We do believe in God Lord Almighty the Maker of Heaven and Earth! We do not make fun of our Lord God Almighty.  With my utmost respect.


Tofaeono Misãtauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood


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