Boxing Association reconciles

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 05 August 2018, 12:00AM

Members of the Samoa Amateur Boxing Association (S.A.B.A.) have reconciled in a gathering held at the Savaii/Upolu Boxing Ring, the home of Papalii Pasi Poloa, at Vaitele. 

Chairman of the interim committee appointed by the Court after the tribunal, Laulu Tu’ugatiti Leauanae, said the gathering is to reconcile S.A.B.A. after the court case that was held earlier this year.

“This is a gathering that was organised for all the five boxing rings to come together and shake hands and resolve some of the issues that had happened between some of the Presidents of some boxing rings,” Laulu said.

Interim committee member, Fesola’i Va’aiga Tuigamala told the Sunday Samoan that a lot of people have been waiting for direction after the court case. 

“This is an opportunity for everyone to know what’s happening and also for the interim committee that the court had appointed to look at the administration of the sport and also to look at the constitution,” he said.

Fesola’i said earlier comments by former S.A.B.A. President, Auali’itia Fa’afouina Milford, and former secretary Faletolu Su’a that there was nothing wrong with the association until he came along personal comments.

“Let’s not kid around, they have been misinformed, they are probably still bitter but it is what it is, I moved on and I’ve got nothing to say because if I say something it’s just going to fuel the fire but that’s their personal things,” said Fesola’i.

“At the end of the day the sports move forward and I always say that it’s about the sport and not about us. We are only servants to the sport and I haven’t really spoken up since the decision by the court and some things are best kept silent.

“It’s easy for me to react and respond to their comments but I think at the end of the day I am not here for my personal gains, this is all about the sport moving forward and maybe this needed to happen for the sport to move forward.”

Fesola’i added the administration was in a real mess and going through court was something that needed to happen. 

“I mean nobody wants to go through the court but that’s the honest truth,” he said.

“All I’m asking is an opportunity to fix things. The reality is there and the sport was not going anywhere but I’m not the savior to the sport but it’s the people who love the sport and those people who have been here before who walked away from the sport for many reasons, but they have come back and that’s the joy that I have is seeing the people that love the sport come back and help out.

 “This is not about me, it never has and never will be, but unfortunately we have some people that took it personal. But you know my passion is seeing kids, giving the same platform as any other kids in New Zealand and Australia to better themselves.

“It was a bit disappointing towards the end with some of the comments that were made; but it is what it is and I remember what my mother always say ‘silence is the best judgement and it is also an answer to a lot of the issues.

“So I will keep quiet and I will work with those who love the sport and those who are passionate to see the sport grow, but unfortunately the media had to hear those things but I believe that some things are best dealt with behind closed doors and personally up front.

“Because like I always said from the beginning it was a personal vendetta right from the beginning towards me and as you heard and witness this morning (yesterday) it’s the same thing. We all saw and read the judgement, so it is what it is; I’m too old for this kind of kids’ rubbish.”

Regarding the issue raised by members about the interim committee having to extend their time to 12 months instead of 10 weeks as ordered by the court, Fesola’i said they made a request to the court for an extension.

“That decision was made because we see that there’s so many things that we need to put in place. 

“The first one is the constitution, there were a lot of issues that surrounds it and that’s why we ended up in court because the constitution wasn’t very clear. So we like to think that we got the constitution to a place where it’s strong and when people come and run the place, they can look at it and say it is well written.

“So we ask for extension to the court because the games are almost upon us and it’s less than 12 months so we don’t want to create any more friction as to who is going to be the President and that’s the honest opinion.

“We still have to put in place our best players and our development of the sport in Samoa and put those in place and that takes time.

“But I know that they are not but that’s their prerogative, that’s their right and it’s okay for them to question us because that’s why we here, just like what one of our interim representative said ‘we don’t own it and it’s not about us, we are only trying to put things in place so that it will never happen again and that’s all’.”

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 05 August 2018, 12:00AM

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