They are not the same

Dear Editor

Joe Hollywood, your comparison of Samoa to NZ is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve heard.

Samoa is not NZ, and NZ is not Samoa.

NZ raised their user pay fees to pay for services offer to the public, in return, the N Zealanders were/are provided with these services. In order words, the NZ govt spent this money back on to the public.

For Samoa, these taxes as you called user pay fees are taxes levied on us the public to pay Stui govt debt that now is getting up there to $2 Billions, yes, we are talking abount the “B” letter now.

Samoa is not NZ, because if Luiga was in NZ, his ass would be in prison with all the corrupted spending under his watch as a minster.

Samoa is not NZ, because NZ would not allowed the PM son in law to be the Chief Auditor for the country. It is corrupted no matter what way you look at.

Samoa is not NZ because the NZ govt would referendum out how to select their Head of State. NZ citizens would have a say on how to select their Head of State. In Samoa, it is selected by the one almighty man, the Stui man. (I know NZ does not have a HOS)

Samoa is not NZ, because in NZ, when a senior minister cabinet is accused of corruption and falsification, that senior minister would resigned from parliament all together. In Samoa, that is not the case, its business as usual.

Samoa is not NZ, because the NZ PM is very polite, compare to Samoa, Mr Stui is the only “big lauia” and called everyone else “avaava.”

I can go on and on, Samoa is not NZ, and NZ is not Samoa.


Ola Fia

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