Do you have connections?

Think a minute…A newspaper cartoon showed a thief wearing a mask and pointing his gun at a frightened woman. He yelled at her: “Give me your valuables!” The woman in the cartoon grabbed her friends, and started putting them into the bag. 

The person who drew that cartoon clearly understands the high value of friendships. To have true success and satisfaction in life, we must have close connections with other people. Everybody needs somebody.

There are few things as lonely and sad as going through a painful experience all alone. One wise man said: “Friendships are the food of life. To love and be loved is the greatest success there is.” Robert Louis Stevenson stated:  “No person is a failure, if he has a friend.” 

Another man put it this way: “A major goal in my life is to end up with 8 friends who are willing to carry my casket.” At the end of our life, it’s not how much money we have that shows our worth, but the number of close friends we still have. 

Not only should our friendships be close and caring connections, they should be constructive connections: friends who make us better instead of worse. We cannot choose our relatives, but we can choose our friends. So choose them carefully.

They will either “make or break” you! Make certain your good friends are good people—who help make you a better person. And remember, friends are not just a way to get what we need, they are what we need! If all you need friends for is to use them to get something else, then that is all you will end up with: something else and no friends! “God gave us things to use, but people to love.” 

Do you have connections? True friends who care?  It starts with the best Friend you can ever have. He loves you so much that He gave His own divine life to share it with you. But the only way you can enjoy Him is to become His close friend.

Today you can get connected to Jesus and start enjoying His friendship and full life every day. Just ask Him to forgive you for not living His way, and then to start changing your heart daily. He will not only give you happier friendships and better connections, He will make you a better friend to others.  Just think a minute… 

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