Savai’i fishing tournament ends on a high note

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi In Savai’i 29 April 2018, 12:00AM

The Savaii fishing tournament at Asau has finished on a high note with Anglers gathering at the Vaimoana Seaside Resort for the prize giving.

In Game fishing, anything can happen and the final day of the Savai’i fishing tournament was blown out of the water when Australian Angler, Adrian Theseira, from Team Free Spirit caught a winning catch with a 146.3kg marlin.

 The catch put Team Free Spirit in first place despite a shaky beginning with a late start in the morning and a slight mishap in hitting the reef on the way out.

But all that was forgotten when Adrian took to the fighting chair a couple of hours later.  

Hooking a fish twice his size, Adrian said it was no easy fight as it took him almost two hours to land the marlin.

“After an hour and 45 minutes later, it was in the boat but it was tough. I was a bit shaky after, I didn’t have knees after it, well working knees anyway,” he laughed. “We had a fighting chair luckily. I was almost done with it though.”

But Adrian hung in there and it wasn’t just the thought of catching the big one that kept him in the fighting chair. According to his captain Kevin Kohlhase, he gave Adrian an ultimatum.

“He had the option where if he didn’t land the fish – he was swimming back,” said Captain Kohlhase 

Known for its laid back style, the Savaii fishing tournament was a chance to relax and enjoy the good times with an award presentation at the Vaimoana Seaside Resort.

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and M.P for Asau, Lopao’o Natanielu Mua, gave the closing remarks and presented the awards.

“I hope that you have enjoyed yourselves in Savai’i – the most relaxing place in Samoa and I hope too that you all remember when you return to your homes to mark your diaries to come back next year,” he said. 

“I would like to thank the President of S.I.G.F.A. and his planning committee because this is already a significant event for Asau and I am so excited to see how we can grow this Savaii tournament. I think S.I.G.F.A. Apia, you better watch out,I think this is going to be very big.”

Lopao’o thanked all the Anglers, sponsors and supporters who participated in the Savaii Tournament and also mentioned that he had heard S.I.G.F.A’s concerns and his ministry were working on relocating and adding more Fish Aggregating Devices (F.A.D.) to specific locations around Savaii’s waters.

“There are a lot things that need improvement to our shores and seas on this side of the country and my Ministry having heard the stories about the F.A.D.S.” 

“I think we can do something about that, it’s not going to cost money to try to move the F.A.D.S. to the proper location because I think you have troubles at the moment with F.A.D.S. getting to close to the land.” 

“We can probably install more F.A.D’s, it’s not an impossible promise because it’s something we can do. We can actually install probably another three fads and not only will it help this tournament but its going to help a lot of our local fisherman with their food supply and have a stable income.”

President of the Savaii Tourism Association and Owner of the Vaimoana Seaside Resort, Tupa’i Saleimoa Vaai thanked all the sponsors and the boat owners for making the event possible.

Anglers will be moving onwards to Pago for the American Samoa Fishing tournament.

First Place Overall: Free sprit

Second Place Overall: Pure Indulgence

Third Place overall: Yellow Fin

Best Skipper: Captain Greg Hopping

Best Angler: Katja Alber

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi In Savai’i 29 April 2018, 12:00AM
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