Toa: To believe or not to believe

A young woman who claims to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering has converted to the Catholic Church. Toaipuapuaga Oeti Patrick, who is the daughter of a Minister of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (C.C.C.S) said converting to the Catholic faith is the only way she can continue her mission from God. Do you believe her? Ilia L. Likou asked people in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Maliko Malalatea, 44, Toamua 

Up until know I still don’t want to believe. The fact is when the word convert is mentioned then that must be from one faith to another faith.  Not from another Christian faith to another Christian faith. The Bible didn’t tell us that a stigmata girl died for our sins. She must be possessed by demons.


Ulugia Mata’u, 64, Vaiusu.

To believe or not to believe? That’s your own opinion. For the Catholic faith, they see it as a miraculous blessing and a vision. If that’s how they feel, good on them. As for me, I don’t know and I don’t really care. 


Fa’alava’au Tuputala, 63, Tuana’i

I’m a Catholic and when I heard about the story of Toa for the first time I was really happy knowing that this is a sign from God to our people. It’s a sign that shows us He is near and we should prepare ourselves all the time and open our spiritual eyes.


Alatise Latu, 44, Moata’a

God judges people.  I have nothing much to say about the Stigmata girl. There is a God in heaven who will judge each and everyone of us. The Bible says do not judge others or you too will be judged.

Otilia Moi, 55, Lotofaga

I don’t pay much attention to those things.  I have other stuff that are more important than trying to figure out who she is and what she looks like.

If she really has those wounds, then good on her. If she is lying, she will pay. Who knows? But I don’t really follow those things.

Ieremia Fa’aso’otauloa, 45, Lalovaea

It’s great to hear of the young lady’s strong desire to share God’s will. All we need to do is to pray and trust in the Lord. He will lead us in the right path and all we need to do is to believe. I really believe in God giving us clear guidance in everything so that we may be children who do the Father’s will.

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