Seki Works: Making life easier for the big island

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi In Savai’i 29 April 2018, 12:00AM

A new business is making life easier for families in Savai’i.

Seki Works Ltd Cargo now offers the option for people and businesses to ship directly to the big island. 

Seki Works Ltd is a subsidiary company of Great Works Ltd. It was started by Samoan businesswoman, Maria Malaki Luatuanuu Gafa, who works from Newmarket, New Zealand. 

Seki Works Ltd specialises with freight to Samoa.

But while Great Works Ltd ships to the wider Pacific region, Seki Works focuses on providing freight services to Samoa. In January, Ms. Malaki launched a direct service to Savai’i after seeing a need to provide an affordable service to the families of Savai’i.

“We already ship to Upolu and we added a service to ship direct to Savai’i families because it was quite expensive to bring it here before,” she said. 

“So a lot of families would be sending their freight to Upolu where it would be contained and fees would add up and then there also logistical challenges for people trying to bring their containers over to Savaii from there.”

The added service to Savai’i has been a great help to families on the big island and has been received well.

“I was quite focused in helping the families in Savai’i to make it more affordable,” said Ms. Malaki. 

“When we launched the service to Savaii in January, we generally took over the market we received a huge response from Savai’i. It’s been really good.” 

The Managing Director of Great Works Ltd collaborated with Savaii businessman, Leota Kuki Retzlaff, to establish an agency in Savai’i. 

Ms. Malaki tells the Sunday Samoan that this is in line with her vision to continue to find ways to develop Savaii.

“My desire is to develop Savai’i and that’s why we’ve partnered up with Leota to establish Seki Savai’i. I have roots in Upolu as well in Savaii. I’m from Sapapalii and I was born in Motootua.”

“When I first started, it was about helping people and businesses and helping families from Savaii, New Zealand, to Samoa. It’s both cost effective and about quality service deliverance as well.”

Ms. Malaki was present at the Savaii fishing tournament prize-giving and she is currently in discussions with the organizing committee about growing the Savaii tournament.

“I’m always keen to assist in terms of development of anything to do with Savaii, whatever it takes to bring them forward. I was talking to Saleimoa about sponsoring in terms of helping bringing boats and Angler teams. We are looking at opening an office up in Australia so that’s in the pipeline and opportunity to explore.”

The aspiring shipping mogul doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The young entrepreneur sees opportunities not only for Samoa, but for her own personal development and growth.

“I see myself as someone who is always moving towards personal development in whatever I do. I’m still learning as well as giving back to others through what I’ve learnt and developed. I just want to encourage girls and especially Samoan women to pursue their aspirations to be in business and it’s always about self-development and doing your best.”

Seki Works Ltd’s shipping agents in Samoa are the Betham Brothers Enterprises and Seki a Savaii in Saleloga. They provide services to transport shipments by sea or air with various options of packaging.

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi In Savai’i 29 April 2018, 12:00AM
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