Why can’t we just get along?

Dear Editor,

On March 30th 1959 the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet and was granted political asylum in India. 

Can you imagine fleeing from your own country because the communists invaded?

As a practicing Buddhist here in Samoa I just wanted to let people know. Yes, I’m a Buddhist and it’s no big deal. W

e can share this world together, we can breathe the same air, walk on the same streets but when it comes to politics and religion it always seems like there’s a split there. 

You’re Christian, he’s Muslim and she’s Bahai so what? 

Can we talk like human beings? 

Can we share a cup of coffee together and talk about how to keep Samoa clean? I’ll admit that being Buddhist in Samoa felt weird like being the only ventriloquist in town but truthfully I can only be human. 

One of my zen teachers taught me that one of the main reasons Buddhists don’t prostheletize is because you can’t sell something nobody can buy. 

In other words no other can choose for you what you feel is best for you. It was food for thought. 

I commend the Dalai Lama for his steadfastness in keeping up with buddhist practices and teachings over the years. 

He could have easily given up and say this Buddhists garbage isn’t working and be a Rastafarian but he didn’t. 

To this day, Tibet is still occupied by China.


Michael Uhila

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