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Dear Editor

Re: Church reps meet with the P.M.

In the true fa’asamoa, EFKS Fono Tele negotiates with the Parliament of Samoa on issues that relate to Sovereign Foundation of Samoa. 

The most dangerous mistake at the moment is the unwise growth of Government Power and foolish pretensions of Modern Politics to become the Ruling Power in the General Life of Samoa. 

This is the Political Science of some Societies of the Modern World, but not Samoa. The rejection by the EFKS FONO TELE of the Government Law on Taxation relating to Church Ministers is two fold. 

It is against Government Illegal or unconstitutional interference in the traditional Sovereignty of the Christian Church according to the fa’asamoa. And it is also against Parliament Laws that allow unconstitutional Government proposed Laws through Parliament. 

The Parliament of Samoa should reflect the Sovereign Authority of Modern Samoa now Founded in God, and this is the Real FAA-SAMOA in the Life of Samoa in Villages and in General. 

This means the negotiations between the EFKS and the Prime Minister has room in some contexts especially for the Prime Minister as the Leader of the Government. 

But it’s the wrong context for an official negotiation from he Government side in relation to the Official Letter or any Official Correspondence from the E F K S General Assembly. 

Issues that relate to Foundations of Samoa and Sovereign Institutions in the Life of Samoa- Samoan Culture, Samoan Christian Church, and Samoan Government must be handled in the most appropriate and respectable ways.


Danny Ioka


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