Life will always be a challenge

By Aruna Lolani 27 August 2017, 12:00AM

If you think life should be a breeze, you are on the wrong planet.

So says Johnny Tumanu of Tuanai who believes people should embrace changes and challenges as part of life.

Speaking to the Village Voice, Mr. Tumanu highlighted some of the changes and how it’s affecting our country.

“We have new roads, people in our village have access to electricity and water and now it’s easier for everyone to do their own work knowing they have all that,” said Mr. Tumanu.

But there are also changes that put a lot of pressure on people. 

“I know the cost of living is expensive and believe me I know, because there are times when I can’t even afford what we need even if it’s just a can of fish (elegi).”

“Sometimes when we’re able to afford chicken for Sunday (to’onai)  it feels like winning a lottery.

“The cost of living is like that; it’s affordable for others and not for others especially the ones who are low income earners.”

“Everything now requires payment; water, electricity and our children’s education. I have two kids in school and it’s not an easy thing to pay off even with my wife and other son working.”

The 46 year old also went on to say that he’s a big supporter of the Chinese shops in Samoa.

“We shouldn’t be complaining about the Chinese businesses.”

“Some have said that their products are cheap because they get broken easily but look at how expensive the cost of living is in our country and the Chinese businesses are actually helping us and honestly they are just lifesaving especially when it comes to food because most Samoans always want to buy chicken for food.”

“But I guess it all comes down to the people and how they are living their lives, are they working to earn a living or not?”

“If you want good things in life then I guess all you have to do is work hard. It’s challenging but it’s also a life lesson for everyone.”

By Aruna Lolani 27 August 2017, 12:00AM

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