Home is where the heart is

By Sarafina Sanerivi 31 December 2016, 12:00AM

“There is no place like home.”

That is opinion of a 27-year-old mother from the village of Faleapuna when asked about how life is for her and her family in Samoa. 

Her name is Tausala Toma and she is a mother of four. She stays with her husband and children in a small house at Faleapuna. 

Tausala said they may not be the richest people, but she is happy with what they have and there is no place she’d rather be than to be with her family.

And while most people desire to travel and move to other countries for a better future, Tausala begs to differ. 

 “Life is beautiful here in Samoa,” she said.

“I know that people are always happy here in Samoa and life is peaceful here.

“Samoa is not like the other countries where people die every day and every minute because of wars. 

“Yes, we do have some problems and we also face some challenges every now and then, but it is nothing compare to the problems other countries face.

“And that is why no matter what people say some all the wealth found in other countries, I still believe that life in Samoa is way better for me.”

Simply of life in Samoa is one way why she adores the life here in Samoa.

“In Samoa, if you don’t have money, you can always get food from the land and sea. Most families depend on their plantations for food. 

“For my family, we do have some problems and difficulties, but God is always helping us out and providing things for me and my family.

“Life is simple in Samoa for me. And for my family, we always depend on the land for food.

“We have a very small family; it’s just me, my husband and my four children. My husband is the one, who works, but I stay home and look after my children and do the chores at home.

“I don’t do much every day, I just look after my children, cook and clean the house.

“That’s why I say that life here is very simple. We don’t need to have a lot of money to be happy.

“Our family doesn’t have a lot of money, but we are happy and grateful to God for all his blessings and love. He is our provider and I am forever grateful to him for his never-ending love.

“For me, as long we have enough food and money for our children, that is enough for me. The only thing I want is for them to grow up healthy and strong.”

Lastly, Tausala said her main dream in life is to see her children grow up and become successful.

“My children are very young. But I pray to God to give them wisdom and I will also do my part and encourage them to do well in school so they can have a better future.

“They are the future of our families, villages and country. And I want them to grow up and become successful.

“Education is very important and I will do my best to make sure that my children will be well-educated.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 31 December 2016, 12:00AM

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