A look back on history

Dear Editor,

Re: Parliament,  law and the abuse of power 

I wish to second the proposal by the writer –Honourable LeTagaloa Pita Pola; quote; ‘the answers to the present serious constitutional crisis, falls squarely on the shoulders of the Matai Leaders at the helm of the Matai Independent Democratic state of Samoa, to provide Immediately and Peacefully, by honouring their callings on positions they have sworn to accept.

Simply because they had God’s mana as shared via our faaMatai system.

Obviously not of the many Solar Scripture ‘Protesting’ Christians dividing group leaders -where I’m certain this confused urge of supporting Israel derives from, neither the ‘God the father alone’ as witnessed by the Jehovah’s Witness Organization, Baha’i and Muslim, followers nor the Latter Day Saints group whom are -reviving Christ Jesus mission ‘as if it is a must’!?, could be trusted, for they all have their own individual agendas.

Anyhow I would wish to start commanding from the four (4) Honorable Tama Aiga as our Constitution sets out as the Head of our Independent State Democratic Executive but somehow Mr. Prime Minster, Honorable Auelua Fatialofa Aiono Naioti Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi is a profound leader ostensible taking the lead with some hard grounds he had set in this 16th Parliament of the Independent State of Samoa. Of course he still has that Auditor General Annual Reports to Parliament for the Years 2010 and 2011 to set straight should he want to lead things by  good example, don’t you agree?

Nevertheless there were myths of a great reconciliation between Malietoa and the Tui Manua Sacred Ava offering ceremony at the renowned Yellow Tropical Sea Temple, the writer refers to. It was told that the Tui Manua halved Malietoa’s son for disrespecting the sacredness of the Ava ceremony where later through Love of his friend Malietoa, Tui Manua brings him back to life by blessing the halved body with the Ava. To which Cardinal Pio Christianized such cultural ceremony and referred to the Ava as Christ Jesus -God the Son, whom had been crushed for us His created human race’s sake.

Having said the above I wish to leave this by urging Manua and Tutuila (the American Samoan’s), wondering whether this could be of God’s great fulfillment of His timing with our ‘Samoan Nation’ to stand United and perfected the shortfall by the Israel? And tell the World that the God our Fore- Fathers had our glanced set upon is a Loving and a Living TRINITY God whom is the Alpha and the Omega at the same time, don’t you agree?


Leo Pius

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