By Layton Lolo 25 April 2016, 12:00AM

Chivalry; such a simple word

But not simple enough to heed, or so I’ve heard

Do you offer your coat on chilly nights?

Or be the peace maker of every fight?

When you see a girl, 

What do you see?

Do you see a daughter in God’s eyes?

Or do you give in to lust and greed?

A woman’s a woman

They are the crowning jewel

Taking them for granted

Is an act of a fool

Chivalry is something

Centuries old

But with each passing year

Men get thicker and bold

When you walk to a door

And a woman is there

Do you look the other way?

Or do you stand there and stare?

Do you push past her 

And say, “Let me through?”

The proper way is you open it for her

And say, “After you!”

When you’re finishing a date

And it’s the end of the day

After you drop her off home

What do you say?

Well, you say, “Good night!”

And, “Thank you!” and, “Have a good night’s rest!”

Then she might kiss you on the cheek

And say, “You’re the best!”

If you see a woman is tired

And she has work to do

You walk up to her

And say, “Let me do that for you!”


Chivalry needs more than work

It needs commitment and understanding

In order to rise above the ‘Jerk’

So the next time you see a girl in need

Be better than what you are

Strive to be her supporting shoulder

Strive to be her guiding star


Men and boys alike today, are not the best at being kind or respectful to women and girls.  And being a boy myself I am trying my best to pick up the slack of males.  But I admit at some moments I am not all that good at being gentlemanly so I’m still as guilty as the next guy.

On several occasions at my school, LDS Church College Pesega, I witness first hand events where the boys in school act more like monkeys then ‘men’ and how much they can’t see they are just ruining their image and embarrassing themselves along with the male reputation.

One person that inspired me to right the poem on chivalry was my sister-in-law.  Ever since I met her, she has always told me and advised me about gallantry and being nice.  One song I remember her playing to emphasize her point was the song ‘Chivalry is dead.’  Through the whole song, the singer sings of how some say chivalry is dead, but he is the only one that will treat the girl he is singing to with respect.

I think that chivalry is something that all men and boys should be learning in school alongside all important subjects.  In a way, I have learned that being chivalrous brings out the best in a man because I have seen it in my own home.  My father and married brother have been great examples to me in many ways.

So all I want for men to learn is to be more respectful to women!  Because one day, maybe women will lose their respect for us!

By Layton Lolo 25 April 2016, 12:00AM

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