Corrupting future generations

Dear Editor,

Re: Mysterious weekend death with the Police 

This is totally true. So, so sad, but true. 

I’m watching this cycle swirl out of control, corrupting the minds of the next innocent generation. 

Dog eat Dog is not the way. Other countries are also aware this is happening, slowly they are stepping in to help the people “directly” giving hope and guidance where others are letting you down. 

Protect and teach your families, start with little steps from home, then continue this into your village, then the next village. 

Together you will be stronger. Stand up and protest. Protest for the world to see. Sooner or later some law-abiding officials or someone with the decency and power to step in and make things good again will. 

They will employ the right team to assist and have other boards to make sure and check no corruption is taking place. 

Voting will be policed correctly. They will look after the parents who in turn look after the children who grow into good people, providing for their families and contributing to society. 

Or... there are no decent people left and no income or money, just criminals killing each other for survival as becoming more evident today. 

If you’re happy with that, then do nothing. Watch your world turn into the Hunger Games, your children and loved ones suffer or leave to another better country never to return to Hell. 

Remember God was just a simple, plain man with good philosophies -just a good man! You don’t have to go to church (there were no churches these came later) why go to church then lie, steal and rape or give your money to the churches when your beloved children go without, anyone can be that good man or women. 



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