You had been warned Samoa

Dear Editor,

If you go back 6-8 months ago from now, I said it then, these street gangs and violence is far from over. 

Any person with a half normal understanding would’ve figured it out. 

There was a photo on the front page of this paper of the gang that was a havoc to the general public then, doing some work as a form of recompense, and to me at the time was nothing short of free advertising for these menaces to society. 

Are the Alii’s and Faipule’s of Vaimoso keeping tabs with the progress of these thugs that were flashed around the media as being punished for their handiwork around the community? 

It does appear like faces of their craftsmanship. 

They went under at the time because the Commissioner, at the time, was proactive and mounted an under-cover stint to try and identify these pathetic losers and now they’re back. 

With the police department in chaos trying to recover from a hangover of corruption, what’s to scare these idiots off? 

This was said many times before by many of the community that these are all products of a corrupt society. 

Anarchy and lawlessness thrives. 

I’m asking our community straight out, can one draw the similarity between the lawlessness on the street and the corruption in the police department. 

The similarity is very familiar. We the community are the direct product of our society. 

If the leaders are corrupt, the citizens are corrupt. 

Do these words get through the brains of our leaders like Sala Pinati that their wrongdoing of habouring is causing all this? 

It just irritates the hell out of me to see this, like a boil in the butt, happening all over again like there wasn’t much said about it in the past. 

If we had educated a dog to go sit in the toilet during dinner time, it would’ve figured it out and understood it long before our leaders could.


Steve A. R

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