Grateful for Samoa being a Christian state

Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa urged to back Israel 

Mustafa, you try to poison Samoans against Israel but we see your pepelo. 

Trying to paint Israel as evil and a ‘colonizer’, nothing could be further from the truth. We know and see ourselves that nothing good comes out of the Palestinians but terrorism; lies and slander against not just Israel but all Christian peoples. 

God gave to Israel that land as recorded in Genesis. Like Peter said in Acts, it is better to obey God than man. Why can’t Muslims defeat Israel in six wars? Because God is for Israel and so Israel’s enemies can’t. They resort to slander and lies, like you are doing here.

 They use even the U.N. which is corrupted by the Muslim block and E.U. politically correct diplomats to always persecute Israel when there’s bigger troubles happening all over the world e.g. Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen etc etc. 

I hope Trump cuts funding to the corrupt anti-Israel U.N. May God bless Samoa and keep our loyalty to Israel. After all Samoa, Christianity came out of Israel, never forget that. 

Israel is our spiritual homeland and is where the gafa, or lineage of our faith comes from. 

Between Israel and Samoa are the British missionaries who blessed Samoa with the Malamalama and Tala Lelei from Paul the Aposetolo to the Gentiles who first went into Europe via Greece and Italy (Book of Acts). 

Behind every message is a voice, Samoa. The voice of Mustafa curses Israel while Wendy curses our Bible. Not good people, beware of their lies and malicious intent against both our faith and the motherland of our faith, Israel. 

God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel. Follow God and not man and God will bless you. 

Christianity is not perfect in Samoa, as around the world, but Samoa is blessed with peace and stability through our Christian faith which teaches us to discern, to love, to forgive, to work, to exercise stewardship, to give charitably, in short thank you Lord Jesus for your manifold gifts of the spirit. 

We are happy we are not a Muslim country where chaos and vevesi reigns, but a Christian country, because of your divine mercy and love of us that we aren’t under the lies and thick darkness of Islam. Soifua.


Ron Lei 

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