Secret service

Think a minute…A teenage boy learned a life-changing lesson from his father. The boy was sitting listening to music one day when his father looked at him and said: “Son, in 24 hours you won’t even remember what you’re listening to now. How about doing something for the next 20 minutes that you’ll remember for the next 20 years? I promise you will enjoy it every time you think of it.”

 “What is it?” the son asked. His dad said: “Our neighbor, Mrs. Brown, needs her grass cut. Why don’t you go cut her lawn while she is gone and get back quickly so she will not know you were the one who did it?”  So the son hurried over and cut his neighbor’s grass in just 20 minutes. Mrs. Brown came home later and never knew who had mowed her lawn for her. The son, who is now a man, says his father was so right. It is now more than 20 years later, and every time he thinks of secretly cutting Mrs. Brown’s grass for her, it is one of his most enjoyable and meaningful memories!

Jesus taught that when we do good things so people will see and praise us, then that is the only reward we will ever get for it. We should do our giving and helping in a way that does not draw attention to ourselves, but simply do it because we care and want to help people. We should not try to let people know what we did or how much we gave. We know it and God knows it, so that is all the reward we need!

Don’t forget, the reward that humans give can never match the reward God gives. 

If what we want is the approval of other people, then that is all we will ever get! But if we give our help and service for the right reason, for God and for others, then we will be abundantly rewarded and blessed—not just during this life, but most importantly in our everlasting life with Him and others after we die.  Just think a minute…

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