Journey to Samoa in search of good music

By Joshua Lafoai 09 December 2017, 12:00AM

A ‘Deadliest Catch’ fisherman says he and his girlfriend have come all the way from Portland, Oregon in the United States of America to Samoa in search of our music and culture.

Manuel Delgato and Jaci Mclean have traveled exactly 5,121 miles to Samoa chasing local music.

“I work as a fisherman in Alaska out in the Bering Sea and I worked with a lot of Samoans on those boats. It’s there that I listen to their music and hear so many stories of the culture so I chose Samoa as a gift to my girlfriend,” said Mr. Delgato.

The couple has been in Samoa for three weeks and has taken up the opportunity to absorb both the culture and the tunes. 

The couple has estimated spending about $3,500USD (T$9,078) worth, while in Samoa.

“We got to listen and recorded some moments at the resort we are staying at and it’s been a wonderful experience in Samoa,” said Ms. Mclean.

“We love the friendliness of the people. You can say hi to anyone without fear,” she added.

“In the States, you avoid contact with strangers because you just don’t know who that is, here it’s so safe and part of that is because of how strong religion is here,” said Mr. Delgato.

Mr. Delgato is Muslim and Ms. Mclean is a Christian. 

The pair says part of the tensions in the State where they are from is the separation of church from the state.

“Were having a lot of problems there because when the States was founded, it was founded as a Christian country, and later on we became so accustomed to separating church from State that we have broken away from religious values,” said Mr. Delgato.

“And that’s where the problems stem, for me personally,” he added.

With a plastic bag full of Samoan artifacts and memorabilia, the couple is set to depart for home, but with the hope to visit again in the near future.

By Joshua Lafoai 09 December 2017, 12:00AM

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