Hooliganism and thuggery in paradise

Dear Editor,

I write how the tumultuous of fear and despair from hooliganism and thuggery is almost becoming the norm in the country.

The pandemonium is getting louder and louder and the innocent victims’ livelihood is affected and is almost to have become part of our every day life now.

Unless the government and the police start acting more responsibly to secure the safety of the country right now which currently, is too vulnerable.

This madness duped the perilous egregious we were warned about over a decade ago by a Television reporter who had got her ass kicked by the culture of denial and the code of silence.

Is it all now coming back to haunt them over the high-rises at the reclaimed parcel of land how these macho gangsters of lowlife scumbags are putting the acting into reality.

Before Barbra Dreaver, life in paradise was how the effusive English poet Rupert Brooke had defined: Being seduced by the lure of far away and exotic lands where her sheer beauty moving like goddess; lying on a mat at a Samoa hut, and the tranquility with the air so pure, it is hard to breathe it in.

Those kind words surely enthused me to wanting to live in the tranquility and harmony of the past however in the today more developed Samoa.

Back then were no television no political party no equal right here nor equal right there neither any other right but the mere village council with the stern will to rule with the iron fist how life had to pan out the true Samoa way.

And what now?

Barbara Dreaver tried to warn you Samoa but, her to me, was so so kind. Those gangsters featuring on her clip were holding just mere machetes in hands acting for the camera.

Then some three years ago, the abhorrent violence had started to succumb and the culprits had to omit like cancer in remission when a newly appointed Police Commissioners brought law and order under control.

That is how true law and order I had experienced as an expatriate had to be maintained; fighting fire with fire taking actions first for the safety of police and all, then ask questions after.

Remember the uproar from the criminals, the drug traffickers and pushers including some members of parliament attributing the new police order to that of a military!

But at least the Police Commissioner was doing what Samoa had asked him for; law enforcement officers not peacekeepers.

Now the Police Commissioner has changed tactics which is against his training as a police law enforcement officer, just to suit some members of parliament.

Those moaners and groaners are nowhere seen when the country is confronting lawlessness and the life of the police being in jeopardy.

Over four years ago, a police fatality at Faleatiu when some lowlife scumbags fired at killing one officer with others being injured.

Then some months just past at Luatuanu’u when more police officers were injured and being hospitalised.

We have seen now what these thugs are capable of with no respect with the lives of the general public.

Them hooligans were wreaking havoc to the poor innocent general public at the Salelologa Market.

These law abiding family people were trying to get money to help make ends meet but have been interfered with as lawlessness is spiralling out of hand.

They are no toy soldiers but are having live arsenal at their disposal. All hell broke loose; an innocent bystander is injured, peoples’ properties are ruined.

Currently, we are not safe! This is getting out of hand and it has to stop!

We can no longer hide behind the excuse of denial; we will continue to come out way too short with the excuses.

There is definitely a hooliganism issue in the country and God Almighty please whisper the words to our leaders for a haste solution.

Right before our very own eyes is the prefecture of hooliganism gangsters. It must be stamped out into extinction.

No more; enough!

With my utmost respect,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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