Mistakes make money

Think a minute…A young man bought a plane ticket to Auckland, New Zealand. 

Later when he got home and looked closely at his ticket, he saw the travel agent had sold him a ticket to Oakland, California. 

Auckland and Oakland may sound similar, but they are completely different places on the other side of the world from each other! Mistakes can seriously set you back and cost you dearly. 

But mistakes can also make you a lot of money. A wise man said: “He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.”

This is a true story of a young man’s mistake that became a massive success. 

John Pemberton was trying to find a cure for the headache. He experimented with various chemicals and substances until eventually he put the stimulant caffeine together with a drug called an analgesic. 

Next, all he had to do was find a way to sell his new cure for headaches.   

He sold it to a drug store, but few people bought it. 

Then an amazing accident happened. 

A customer came in to the drug store with a headache. The new clerk mixed some of Pemberton’s syrup, but by mistake the clerk mixed the syrup with carbonated water. 

That clerk’s mistake is now a world famous mixture. Unfortunately, John Pemberton died before he could share in the fabulous fortune that came from that accident which made the world’s most popular soft drink: Coca-Cola.

Mistakes can actually become a good thing—if we learn from them how to live a better way. But the only way you can be guaranteed that your mistakes will produce something of lasting good in your life, is if you trust and put your life in your Maker’s wise hands. 

He can work and mix everything together for your good and happiness, even your mistakes. But He cannot bless your life until you put it totally in His hands.  

Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your wrongs and living your own way? Then as you start living His way each and every day, He can take control of everything in your life to make it all work out for your best—both now and forever. 

Just think a minute…

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