We haven’t changed much at all

Dear Editor,

Re: Whatever for 

Religion is the reason for almost every war ever fought on this beautiful planet. Instead of worrying about whether or not everyone believes the same fairy tales the way you believe them, how about broadening your scope of reality and studying human history. 

The “Christian” story has been told and retold by every civilization that’s been in this earth. Creation by a higher power. Why does it matter if you call him Jehova, Krishna, Allah, Horus, or Jesus (or one of the other many names he’s been given throughout our history), the fact is, is that they’re is beings out there way more powerful then us. 

So be humble, be a student when you need to be and teach those with less understanding. 

As for the government marrying its religion... it just goes to show that we as humans haven’t changed or advanced spiritually at all since the crusades. That’s sad.

Pasesa Anthony 

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