It’s time for solutions

Dear Editor,

Thank you Ale for your excellent contribution to the on going conversation among the majority of great Samoans minds in here. “Knowledge is power”. 

However, might it be time to start addressing solution options, a cure?

I’ve enjoyed and totally found the discussions astutely engaging, but we cannot continue to beat a dead horse, se’i tulou. 

Samoa needs help. The present government is terminally diseased. This is the urgent task on hand.

As we speak, the tumor called “Land Title registration Act 2008” became law in 2009. This cancerous growth is going on 10 years in the law books of Samoa.

What has been done to kill this H.R.P.P growth? Nothing!

If I may opine ... it matters not what Religion, Palagi, even Democracy, brought to the history of Samoa, We are the Masters of our own Samoan Destiny. This is the ultimate truth since we got our Independence in 1962. 

Samoa’s ills is of diseased Samoan minds, good minds that have gone bad, corruptible minds. This is a fact we can all agree on.

E pei lava la o le upu masani; “e fofo e le alamea le alamea.” so it is with a cure.

It should come from great Samoan minds such as the breed in this forum and more. 

Those of you with the courage, conviction and bravado of our historical heroes, Samoa’s forebears. 

We only need to return back to most recent history, to those who sacrificed and fought for Samoa’s Independence, our freedom from alien dictates, to understand what is relevant, know our obligations and responsibilities and move forward with unity of purpose as true Samoans. 

No blaming, pontification nor continued intellectualizing of Samoa’s present condition would automate the needed cure. 

It’s time for solutions. Don’t you think?

Asipau McMoore

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