No Valentine? No problem!

By Vatapuia Maiava 15 February 2016, 12:00AM

Love was in the breeze (and the air) this Valentines weekend, according to the  Taula Beverage Company Limited and Club X.

And the partnership cbetween the two companies ame up with the perfect solution for those few, unlucky, singles out there.

Samoa’s only locally-owned and locally-brewed beverage company hosted a Manutagi Matchmaker speed dating event at Club X on Saturday night.

The idea for this pilot event was for 10 young single men and 10 young single women to pair up and get to know one another for three minutes. 

Once the time was up, they would give each-other a rating before rotating to someone new. At the end of the event two couples with the strongest pair-ratings would be selected to compete for the prize. 

The prize included a dinner for two, free tabs and free fiesta passes.

According to the owner of Club X Cherelle Fruean, the idea was to get people into something new.

“It’s fun because speed dating is a very western concept so I think it will push a lot of people out of their comfort zone because it’s speed dating,” Ms Fruean said. “I think people are pretty open to the Idea and excited about this new prospect. It’s also fun to try new things”

The event was totally sponsored by both Taula Beverages and Club X so participants enjoyed free drinks while getting to know new people.

“I am absolutely happy with the turn out we had,” Ms Fruean said

This was also seen as an opportunity for both Club X and Taula beverages work together

“I’m hoping to strengthen our partnership with Taula beverages; we always like to host events with them,” Ms. Fruean said

“We were completely on board when the idea was pitched to us because we always like to do new and exciting things. We thought it was a really fun idea.”

Cheyenne Maiava the event organizer and the marketing officer for Taula told Samoa Observer “It’s always fun working with Cherelle and the Club X crew because they excel at theme parties and fun activities.”

“Manutagi is our premium beer which we want to associate with fun, celebratory events and holidays in Samoa”  

“All our beverages are made from spring water found deep underground and Manutagi is low in carbohydrates which makes it our healthier option,” Ms Maiava said “and because it’s a healthier option, we wanted this event to promote Manutagi and to give people a chance to taste preservative-free beer”

Due to the success of this pilot event, the beverage company will definitely be doing more events similar to this one.

“We want to be involved in as many creative events as possible and Cherelle is the perfect partner for this”

The winning couple with the highest pair-rating was Tailani Salanoa and Myka Stanley.

Also present and enjoying the night were Vito Vito and Fesui Viliamu of the highly anticipated film, ‘Three Wise Cousins’. 


By Vatapuia Maiava 15 February 2016, 12:00AM

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