A lot of nonsense

Dear Editor

Re: Leave God alone, start being honest 

Really Mata’afa!? Please don’t tell us -your local audience that you are in support of our friend John’s notion to ‘Leave God alone’, where I see it got Vai Autu’s support.

And talking of ‘honesty’! Aren’t you supposed to be the first one to honestly share onto our friend John and whomever this Vai Autu, the Samoan way of Love and Respect now enshrine in the body of our Nation’s Constitution. 

Article 1; sub clause 3 -stating “Samoa is a Christian nation founded of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. Replacing the limited position used to be with the statement “Samoa is founded on God” where was only on the Constitution cover. Will let alone his ‘CHEEKY’ reference to the 4-M’s of my name as stupidity, same cheeky reference goes to Maua Faleauto, by the way is Maua a Matai title or is he an un titled man enjoying the air of Aotearoa?

Anyhow, Mr. John! You sure sounded very much like Wendy Wonder and Orlando Huaman whom freely share their unbelieving view in our local media form but I must say I rather honor them -even though they are kind of ‘reluctant residents’ for they are having the courtesy of habituating our land instead of you.

You does sound like a Run-away FAIAVA, ahy, Orlando, lol?.

I see Vai Autu wish for Mr. John to return and I would not mind doing so for I believe Samoa can have his Agricultural expertise -based on your description of your shed fill with equipment and tools assume they are of agriculture tools, in good use.

Wonder whether he had set foot in Samoa to learn of tones of ‘uncultivated fertile lands’, we have? For certainly if they were cultivated instead of growing bush out of it, then this LTRA 2008 saga would never be an issue with the new Samoa First (Halfback) Party.

And come on, Mr. John/Vai Autu, please say your “gobbledygook” reference of my writing language is just a joke. For I have couple of prominent Parliamentarian and C.E.O friends locally commanded me for my article as they had got the message at first glance for even my son at National University of Samoa and a daughter at Samoa College having no problem understanding it. 

I will forgive you with the other Nonsense you make mention. Well unless you prove us of which Authority that gives you the right to doing so, you know, like Oxford Prof. John Lennox. For if not then will just have to stand with Lennox famous saying ‘Nonsense does remains Nonsense’, don’t you agree Mr. Keni?

Anyhow relooking back at your editorial where this conversation starts I see your wondering mind and I quote, what is going on in Samoa today? What has become of this country that is supposedly founded on God? There is no doubt that something is terribly amiss somewhere.

And I wish to pose a follow up question herewith on to the Samoa-National Council of Churches executive whether they are able to lend a helping hand or are they rather stay silence and leave us lay people in the mercy of the Evil one once again?

Most definitely this is the ultimate message by Jesus Christ before he ascend back to heaven is for us –His entire Human race, to be at Peace. Warning us that, that is our only witness to the ‘world’ that He is from God the Father, don’t you agree Reverend Vavatau and your Toeaina Council?

Don’t you be worried too much with Tax Act, for tax ‘Avoidance’ is legal instead of tax ‘Evasion’, NUS former Mathematician Master should know it well. One of a recent query by Honorable Olo Fiti comparing ‘collected income’ to the ‘blooming situation’ we are currently entertaining now a days is a well worth investigation, don’t you agree Honorable Tialavea?

Until next time, stay tune! Atalii fanau le au o le Talalelei.


Leo’o Matafeo Muaimalae Molio’o Mulitalo Pius

Atali’i fanau le au o le Talalelei.

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