Democracy or the truth?

Dear Editor

Re: Let’s get those priorities right

Some claim that we should blindly obey the government of the day because it’s the will of the people they represent. 

‘Render to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God.’ 

If we are to fear God then do what is right, likewise if we’re to honour the government we elect more than God then so be it. 

Either way, we cannot claim to be a God-fearing people with all the churches we have and everyone going to church on Sunday and then sleep with the devil the very next day. 

Having said that, then I can surmise that a God-fearing people should rightly so dishonour and nullify the dealings of dishonest leaders whether they’re democratically elected or what. 

The argument is not democracy but the truth. Having everyone agreeing that 1+1=3, doesn’t make it right. Why? Because we fear God more, and we know one day, we’re going to be asked to explain. 

At the end of the matter, I, and a few of you who are being accused of ranting on and on like sounding gongs by our own members for finger pointing at the leaders we elect, do we have a legitimate argument? I think so. 

“Samoa founded on God” has been paraded as a ticket or a vehicle by our ungodly leaders to promote self glorification and to cloud the visuals of the simple in understanding the truth. 

The Pharisee’s were elected leaders of the multitude as well, custodians of the law, the exact picture of the government, yet it didn’t stop a lowly citizen from standing up for the truth “, you brood of vipers you all. Who told you you’re sons of Abraham? God can raise up sons of Abraham from these stones.. “ John the Baptist.

As long as our God’s name is used by our ungodly leaders as ‘alavatau’(motto) for our country, then we demand the right pertaining to that name.



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