Collective tourism earnings

Dear Editor 

In the real world, Samoa tourism earns the economy over $300 million a year. More hotels are coming to Samoa. This year Lamana and Sheraton opened up. In the next few years, others are on their way. If Samoan tourism was so crap, why would they invest in Samoa?

It is true that tourism numbers are down compared to in the past. However, that doesn’t mean that the tourism doesn’t earn $300 million a year. It does. 

All the rental car operators; all the hotel, motel, beach fale operators, all the builders, carpenters, plumbers, working on building the motels and hotels; all the restaurants and shops that earn money from visiting tourists; all the bus companies; all the villages who get entrance fees to their beaches and waterfalls, all the internet service providers and phone companies who make money from tourists buying phones; flea market and other vendors - that is all part of the economic impact tourism has on the island and it comes to over $300 million a year.

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