Samoa, a place that deserves more attention

By Anina Kazaz 28 April 2018, 12:00AM

The warm Samoan hospitality has made Stuart Ure’s stay in Samoa more enjoyable. 

The lad from Auckland, New Zealand, came to Samoa with his partner and two kids who are six and seven years old. They will depart the country on Tuesday next week. 

Stuart shared their trip to Samoa was unplanned. 

“We actually haven’t planned to come here. We got a deal with our bank. It was an unplanned trip, but it was good for us. It is the first time for us as a family on an island in the Pacific.

“We probably would not have planned to come here to Samoa without this deal. When we wanted to go to a tropical island, it would not have been our first choice. There are other options like Fiji or Tahiti.

“I think it is a lot about the promotion in New Zealand because when you live there you do not hear about Samoa. 

“It is about both the perception and advertising because it seemed to be through advertising and not the most attractive place to go to, but this is clearly not the case. There would have to be more advertising to change the perception,” he shared with Dear Tourist.

However, Stuart is beyond happy to come to Samoa.

“I am absolutely delighted to come here, it has been amazing,” he said.

“We drove to some villages yesterday and walked in the jungle. I can’t believe when you go somewhere you just stay in the resort. I want to see the people and culture as much as possible. 

“The people are friendly, warm and welcoming. I feel absolutely comfortable here. It is not just because it is a resort, but it is the way they are.

“The people have been very friendly,” his seven-year-old son added.

“We stopped on the side of the road once in the middle of nowhere, where we got some coconuts because it was really hot. We can’t speak any Samoan, so we used sign language and it worked out. Somehow they understood.

 “I like it a lot here, the part I like the most is the pool and the fish. I have been snorkelling. Yesterday we saw a big waterfall that was very cool.”

Stuart added: “It has been nice there. We saw really big fishes there. The water was beautiful and refreshing.

“I got one of my necklaces from here,” the little boy said.

Stuart sees potential in Samoa’s tourism industry. 

“The infrastructure I would say needs development. The public transport system is a bit poor. I was a little surprised when I first came. The resorts are beautiful but everywhere else there is a need for development. 

“What I see from the culture is that the locals pretty much live off the ocean, fishing and seafood. I had a whole fish with coconut cream and some taro and oka; it is one of my favorite. 

“I love the fresh seafood here. It is nice to know the fish came right from the ocean in front of you.”

By Anina Kazaz 28 April 2018, 12:00AM
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