The difference between then and now

Dear Editor,

In the old days, we didn’t have free education but every parent pushed their children to go to school. Even pastor’s schools was better at preparing the kids than today’s classrooms. 

Back then kids were more in tune to learning than today, they may not have had computers that have become the brain of today’s generation, but if you give a math problem to a kid back then he/she would tell you the answer by looking at the problem and solving it in his head. 

Today’s schools kids are failing exams for relying on calculators that may not be allowed when taking a test, they engage in school fighting, and pride has taken over the sound mind, crimes has risen to new height. 

Back then there was no market to sell the fishermen’s taui’a so they walked around the villages or hang them by the road to sell them, kids approached and treats prospective buyers with humility and respect taught at home, but today, customers and non customers alike are pushed from every side without any considerations even though there are markets to sell stuff all over Samoa. 

Back then, a teacher had an easier job of teaching kids who were prepared at home to go to school and learn, and teachers competed with each other and each school to see who would send the most kids to higher prestigious schools in the next level of learning. 

Today with free education, more and updated schools and facilities, but teachers are having a hard time teaching kids who are not disciplined at home and prepared for their education. 

Parents are not worries about their children’s education but how they could be used to bring money home for survival. This mindset didn’t exist in the old days, but we have a different mindset these days.


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