Numia dances his way to the top

By Nefertiti Matatia 28 April 2018, 12:00AM

Life is a mystery. 

Numia Viliamu will tell you why.

Numia is the leader of the Samoa Best Dance Crew reigning champions, Army of kinz, and Captain of the S.S.A.B Samoa Toa Dance Crew. 

He is the son of Kuinileti Viliamu and Viliamu Faamatuainu from Saoluafata.

As a young child, he dreamt of wearing the blue and white Samoa national rugby jersey to represent Samoa in the international arena. 

Unfortunately, injury kept him away from seeing his dream through, and when it seemed like all doors closed, another opportunity opened for him. 

“Unfortunately I did not achieve my dream, but God showed me the way and here I am.

“This is the reason that I stopped playing rugby because I broke my arm last year. I was aiming for the Samoa squad. I was going through the trials and as a little kid; I started being a show off.

“That was a lesson for me to stop being a show off, but stay focused. This is all God’s plan,” said the 22-year-old.

After winning the Hip Hop International South Pacific Islands dance competition in New Zealand last weekend, he came to realise that there’s a reason why things don’t happen the way we want them to.

“Shout out to my parents because it is really hard taking up dance as a career. For us here in Samoa, we always take dancing lightly. That is what I want to change and the first time when I made that decision, my parents did not support me.

“They thought that it was a waste of my time and effort because I might miss out on other opportunities. I stayed focused and I praise God for allowing this to happen because it is all part of his plan.”

Numia believes there are sacrifices to be made to achieve goals that people have in life.

“I am the only one who lives far away from the rest of our team members. There are many challenges because my family is not well off, which is the reason most of the time I sleep over at my director’s house.

“My parents have been my biggest supporters and financially I struggle, but they are always there to help me and give me love and comfort.

“What we usually believe in is that family is forever and so no matter what happens, your family will always be there. Our identity is rested in our family.”

He explained: “After winning the Samoa Best Dance Crew, I was the leader of the Army of Kinz. Choosing the team was not that hard because even though I did not know who the boys were, they caught my eye during their performances when we competed for the Samoa Best Dance Crew title.

“I had that open mindset and I did not want to be biased. So most of the members who were chosen were mainly from my observation and these kids have got talent.

“That is how we formed up the team. There are so many who are older than me, but they have trusted me to be the leader of our team.”

Numia is advising the young talents of Samoa never to lose hope and to always believe there is always another way when one door closes.

“I went to Moataa then Samoa College and I graduated from the National University of Samoa. I was into teaching and channelled that energy from teaching in school to teaching dance.

“That is my advice, which is to stay committed and work hard. Those two joined together makes a great combination. To top that off is praying to God then everything will go smoothly.”

By Nefertiti Matatia 28 April 2018, 12:00AM
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