How democracy might work in Samoa

Dear Editor,

I believe Samoa will enter a Golden Age of unity and prosperity if we apply fa’aSamoa principles to all aspects of government.

This will require all citizens to participate in self-governing by following the discussions of a transparent parliament which will always seek the best for Samoa.

I propose that a government department be urgently formed to consist of analysts who set out all arguments possible regarding political issues and print public discussion papers in both Samoan and English so that all citizens can be certain of the issues and a team of orators who analyse the issues or debate on radio or television for all Samoa to understand all issues most fully in both Samoan and English.

This will counteract propaganda and sharpen the wits of the population. It will also preserve the best examples of oratory as role models for future generations.

Parliament itself should sit for forty weeks on circuit so that matai of each village fono might participate in discussion and contribute worthy knowledge. This should be televised and will bring prosperity and satisfaction through participation and social interaction.

All citizens might suggest topics for discussion by orators to ensure transparency.

Samoa should work to returning all profits of governmental activity to its citizens after agreed and reasonable good governance costs are deducted.

This division should be made by direct credit to each citizen’s account. Our Country should work toward replacing all taxes with dividends through proactive and successful business partnerships with organizations such as GDI.

Surely all money from the WS. website should be shared among all Samoan citizens.

Surely this is the Samoan way to leadership- to make a name by providing service to the community.

If you know of a child who is cold, hungry or starving, then we as a people are failing at the most basic level.

Surely all citizens should be fed and clothed from the economic wealth of Samoa. Why should a small party such as the H.R.P.P. control the unseen wealth of Samoa when our true societal strength has been in our willingness to share.

Surely good governance is not happening when a P.M. tells a nation that it does not matter how many protest or disagree with him as he has friends in parliament who are more important and they have power.

No matter how many sausage rolls and biscuits are given away at Good Governance celebrations by the Government, everyone knows that we are a banana republic if our leaders can abuse us so.

How will they enjoy their wealth when our people are destroyed?

How can we attend United Nations functions as a role model when our leaders are clearly destroying our society?

They show no humility to man or God. They sit in silence as we ask them to explain. This is a sign that their time has passed.

The Constitution requires a referendum before the Land law can be changed to remove the customary land rights of its citizens. If this is not done then the law cannot change. The Constitution requires two separate votes-one in parliament and a separate vote by each citizen before the Land Titles Registration Bill 2007 could be placed before the Head of State.

If you know an M.P. personally or are a member of his family ask him or her why they are supporting the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 that educated, concerned and loyal Samoans say is the end time for the fa’aSamoa.

We share with Israel the unique status of being dedicated to God. Israel would never allow its land to be taken by foreign powers. We must now as a nation cry out to God to deliver us from the evil times of suffering and sorrow foreshadowed by the Land Titles Registration Act 2008.

What God has given - let no man take away.


FSM Taua 


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