Sight of litter in street didn’t stop the fun

By Soli Wilson 25 January 2019, 12:00AM

For first time visitors David Schramm and Kelly Richardson, the sight of litter in the streets of Apia was a surprise.

The New Zealand couple flew into Samoa last Saturday and are in the country for a week, hoping to make the best of their five-day vacation. 

Kelly said she couldn’t help but notice the rubbish around the town. 

“What surprised me about Samoa was when we went around town, there was just so much rubbish everywhere. Like all on the street and gutters and all over the bench. I was actually quite surprised? I thought it would be a lot tidier than how it is, so that’s probably my biggest shock,” she said.

“Rubbish was everywhere and I couldn’t see a single rubbish bin in Apia anywhere to put the rubbish. So I’m guessing that’s why people are just dropping it everywhere.”

But for David, he finds Samoa relaxing and said he is having a great time, despite the increasing heat. 

“We’re really just here for a holiday, to chill and hang out in the sun and go for a swim and Samoa has definitely ticked off all those boxes,” he said.

Kelly added: “I really like it here and people are very friendly but it’s super hot. There are not too many people and it’s nice and short for us from New Zealand, so it’s good.”

As a frequent traveller, David had been to other Pacific destinations except Samoa. 

“I’ve been to Fiji, Cook Islands, Tonga and so forth. It’s been really good, definitely something to come back to. Probably come around June, July or August when it’s cold in New Zealand, to get a little sun,” he added.

When the couple were asked how they settled on Samoa as their holiday destination, they said it was by word of mouth through Samoans who live in New Zealand. 

“There are so many people from Samoa in New Zealand, and they’re always talking about it, so we figured, yep we have to go there and try that,” David added.

The vacation experience so far has been good with tours of the markets in town and a tour of Upolu, which they both said they loved. Not forgetting the comforts of the Taumeasina Island Resort, which they both described as “really lovely”.

“It’s just very relaxing and we both got massages for like an hour,” they said.

By Soli Wilson 25 January 2019, 12:00AM

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