Public condemn attempted attack on P.M. Tuilaepa

16 November 2018, 12:00AM

Attempts by two unidentified men, who tried to attack Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday night has shocked the nation and triggered condemnation from various fronts. Our reporter Yolanda Lavata’i speaks to the public to get their views on the issue.

Aotoa Peter, Papaloloa, 33

“They should be ashamed. If those men are from Samoa, then they should be deported back. However, if they are not, they better never think of stepping foot on this Island.”


Posina  Palemia, Vailele, 20

“When I had heard from the media what happened to the Prime Minister I just felt embarrassed. We are all Samoan and when someone steps out like that and acts irrationally, the world generalizes all Samoans to act and think the same way. It’s not appealing in anyway.”


Pita Ah Leong, Siusega, 43

“I love and am affected by what happened to the Prime Minister. He is our representative and we must protect our own. We should make sure that these men face the judge for what they did. Whether they are Samoans or not they must face the consequences for their actions.”


Ola. Faanama, Leauvaa, 21

“I just found out today what had happened to the Prime Minster. I think those men had no conscience in doing what they did. It was uncalled for and quite frankly very bad looking.”


Lina Tofaino, Nuufou, 45

“For those two men who acted out terribly, making a scene does not settle well with me. That is what you call thinking irresponsibly. Also what they did has confirmed to the world that they do not support our leader. “


Carol Roger, Vaitele Uta, 20

“It is sad what has happened to our leader. I know the Prime Minster has said and done things that everyone dislikes but I think that is just how he is. But when people purposely treat him like that, they might as well be treating my father the same way. At his age we learn to cope with him. However, the incident was wrong by all means and from now on the Government should not think casually about the Prime Minister’s safety.”


Figoa Mailata, Vaitele Fou, 45

“It is obvious that no one here would attack him that is why he feels comfortable without body guards. But this is Brisbane, they should know better than to have him unprotected. Furthermore, the two men who attacked him have put Samoa down for what they did. Everyone probably thinks this is how Samoans act-inconsiderate and disrespectful. Fortunately, the Prime Minister was not harmed.”


Maliko Sagote, Faleula, 40

“I heard on the radio on the way to work about the attack in Brisbane. I feel sorry for the Prime Minster. He has provided so much help to the country that has blessed lives. Though I personally believe people who have any complaints make them known to the authorities the right way than go and attack the Prime Minister in front of the public.”


Fiumalosi Fereti, Vaitele Uta, 40 

“When government officials from off island come to Samoa we provide the best service to ensure their safety. Now when the Prime Minister arrived in Brisbane he was attacked because no one was protecting him. If this is the case in how our leaders off island are treated, we should not go their anymore.”


Atonio Sua, Leulumoega, 32

“The Bible says that if our parents are wrong we do not judge. So when our leaders are wrong we should do the same and refrain from judgment. Right now just be patient with our leaders, till it is your turn. If I were there, I would have hit the person in the head.”


16 November 2018, 12:00AM

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