Children are our ‘prized possessions’

By Adel Fruean 15 October 2018, 12:00AM

A child is a parent’s most prized possession. 

Luisa Tupou echoed this statement during the White Sunday church service at the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa (C.C.C.S.) Nofoalii. 

“Our children are our most prized possessions who need the love and care from parents so that they can grow but most importantly need God’s guidance in their lives from a young age so that they can lead with good example in the future,” Luisa added.

She is the wife of Rev. Tupou Ainuu Tanielu who led the church service on Sunday. 

Luisa said a child is the heart of every parent and therefore it is special to have one day dedicated to them.

“We have approximately 200 children in our Sunday school, which is divided into six different classes but only 20 teachers,” she said. 

 “The children have prepared evangelical songs and dances, some have prepared plays but we all know the most common one, which is the scriptural verse recitations which every child takes part in.

“It has been a four to five weeks of never ending rehearsals.”

Luisa said their preparations were a bit difficult because children tend to not pay attention during rehearsals, but they managed to get through it all. 

At the Assembly of God (A.O.G.) in Faleasiu-tai the lives of children were also celebrated, only this time preparations and planning were done by the children themselves. 

“The entire programme was planned and carried out by the children alone whereas for us teachers we only monitored them throughout every rehearsal,” Sunday school teacher, Suesa Nonutunu Autagavaia said.

Suesa said the reason behind the change is because they trusted the creativeness and planning skills that children have in celebrating the day dedicated to them.

 “For this year in our church, it has changed, the meaning depends entirely on the child’s preference whether they perform songs or dances.” 

A special service was also held for families who have lost their loved ones. 

The children were treated to a feast after the service.

By Adel Fruean 15 October 2018, 12:00AM

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