What are you afraid of?

Dear Editor,

Re: Siripa’s challenge

C’mon Mr. A.G. what have you got to lose by taking up Siripa’s challenge? 

After all, if you have nothing to be afraid of, then it should be really easy for you Mr. Big Shot overseas trained lawyer to have a debate with a locally trained ex-police sergeant. 

The court of public opinion is the highest court in the land and it would be interesting to see what my mates at the makeki think of such an event.

I knew there was something funny when the overseas prosecutor came to the conclusion that there was no case to answer for the Police Commissioner due to some blah blah reason. 

Now we know that there is more to this than first thought.

Somebody wiser than me told me this. If you want to find the answer you want get the right person and you will get that answer. 

Nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of anything. This sounds cynical but this case appears to subscribe to this strategy.

I naively thought that public servants being told to look the other way and not doing the right thing only happens in the movies.

How wrong of me to think like that. 

The good moral compass underpinning the Christian values in this society means that sooner or later, those who were either forced or out of misguided loyalty, did the wrong things in this case would be found out. 

Samoa is such a small country and security of information does not exist that we would find out the true story through the effective uaea mosooi. 

I believe in karma and what goes around comes around.

The police made the mistake of suspending Siripa. 

Now that she is no longer a police officer she can say, within limits, what she wants. Different however to the case of the ex-Reverend who spoke out after being sacked, Siripa you are my hero for speaking out.


Vai Autu 

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