Some questions to think about

Dear Editor,


Now that you’ve voted, here are some questions to think about.

1.What is the use of a $400million Airport when there are very few planes/tourists coming to Samoa?

How much of the $400million is going on the actual project and how much going to “the middle men?”

$400 million for a new airport moves Samoa closer to the $2billion debt?


2. Not all ideas comes from God.

All ideas on this earth are man-made ideas in the mind of man.

There are selfish ideas and “Glory to God” ideas.

Are all those concrete buildings built in Apia for the glory of God or for the government?


3. How many times a year does a cruise ship dock on the wharf?

Millions of tala will be saved if there is better planning on when each cruise ship docks on the wharf.

Because 100s of millions to build a wharf will move Samoa closer to the $2 billion debt.


4. Not all “big projects” are good for Samoa. Look around you.


5. God does not appoint governments.

Man elects or vote people in to form governments.

The P.M. used his power to guarantee his seat in Parliament it was not an act of God but the planning and acting of the P.M. only.

The P.M also made sure there was no opposition against him so people in his village could not vote him out. This cannot be an act of God.


6. Unfortunately the P.M. has admitted that he knows his H.R.P.P. committed acts of corruption but he kept it to himself and did nothing about it.


7. The evidence printed in the Samoa Observer from the Chief Auditor and the O.P.C reflects a government that is not guided by the principles of good governance.


8. I wish The Prime Minister and his H.R.P.P. a peaceful and an enjoyable election. Enjoy your victory too.


Keith Alderson 


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