No tools, no knowledge

Dear Editor

Report slams education system

This is every hard-working parent’s nightmare. They sacrifice everyday to pay for their children’s education but teachers don’t have the tools or the knowledge to teach.

This is a sad occurrence every time this type of report comes out. It begs the question to the government. What is the government doing to provide proper training and especially tools for the teachers to educate our children? 

A big fat nothing is the answer.

Cabinet Ministers are sending their kids overseas for a better education while the rest are left to struggle.

Too bad we keep voting to keep this group in to lead our country to the future. 

One of the great quotes from Albert Einstein which I believe reflects our insane voting pattern over the last three decades:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

After thirty years and we still vote for the same ideology without meaningful progress/growth. Adding new government buildings is not progress/growth.


T. Leone

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