Amateurs and shallow thinkers

Dear Editor

Re: Steve and his twisted devious mind 


You stupid light weights. Amateurs who know nothing of the forces controlling our lives. Next time the rugby people show themselves ask them who’s paying for coach Fuimaono’s salary. They paid for Coach Alama’s salary, why not this coach? 

The information I have is that World Rugby is dragging their feet on the coach’s salary because Fui was number 7 on their list. And for you idiot’s information, World Rugby are not some old men sitting in an office in London, the NZ and Australian rugby unions are World Rugby in this part of the world. 

Where did you light weight clowns think the eligibility rules originated? 

What I wrote was to expose the colonial mindset of the powers and forces controlling our lives and what we do, not to slam Alama.

 You emotional infants who cannot read between the lines took it up as a street fight. Grow up. The only way to fight this kind of mindset is to let them know that we know what their intentions are because they think they’re too smart to hide behind manipulated legalism. 

You think you’ve supported Alama’s integrity with your emotional drippings on the street? Alama is doing fine with or without you, but you’ve diminished a position of the oppressed. You’ve sided with the rulers of the earth whose only intention is to rule and control. Shallow thinkers whose emotions can easily be controlled with bone on the sideways.



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