Leadership at the Ministry of Police

Dear Editor,


It is about time that people speak out and write to the media regarding the real situation in the Samoa Ministry of Police.

Particularly since I understand that the staff in the ministry have no voice through their Minister, the Prime Minister. Because the P.M. is busy backing the Commissioner and ignoring the voice of the people that are suffering in the ministry.

I support the critical question and suggestion raised by O le Samoa Moni to look into the leadership and qualities of the Commissioner. For example, before being awarded the Commissioner role, had they performed a senior management or senior executive role in a Police agency or relevant public agency successfully before? 

For C.E.O or Commissioner of Police in Samoa, one would expect the incumbent to have had at the minimum previously occupied an Assistant C.E.O or Assistant Commissioner role, or at least had been a Superintendent or Principal Officer?

The reason why it is important to have occupied and experienced these senior leadership ranks (or their equivalent) before, is so that by the time one becomes a C.E.O, their thinking, planning, operational and people leadership skills should be at a level suitable to lead a whole organisation - especially one that is big and complex and important to the community. 

Provided of course that they had gone through the necessary career or professional qualifying steps or ranks and had been a very good worker and learner.

It is shocking and sad, directly hearing from staff about the micromanagement leadership tactics and decisions being made in the running of the Police Ministry.

It seems too that he does not have a mind or conscience of his own, since he apparently frequently attributes radical or dramatic management policy changes or decisions to the P.M. and Cabinet i.e. washing his hands clean of any controversial decision that negatively affects his staff. 

You have got to wonder what kind of leader that is? 

I would say it is a leader without a strong moral backbone, and so gets zero loyalty from his staff. Soifua.


Telesa Loau

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