Stop being hysterical

Dear Editor,

Re: Desperation knows no boundaries

Hysterical you are! Just calm down your nerves for goodness sake.

You sure remind me the year 2009 during that left hand drive shifting from left to right in Samoa when the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa, the master Tuila’epa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi had responded to criticism from Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa Solomona.

I asked the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa live on air, why he called Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa Solomona a ‘ava’ava.

 “I never called le afioga Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa Solomona a ‘Ava’ava.”

 “No? You never?” I followed on the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa.

 “No! I had never!” He assured me.

 “Then if you would elaborate more for the audience please Mr. Honourable Prime Minister.” I had urged.

 “Ok! If you insist for the truth I would.

 “This is what had happened.

 “I think it had been near three or four weeks I watched on television le afioga Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa Solomona yap yap saying there are many lauī’a in the H.R.P.P who should take over the leadership instead of me.

 “Hence the media turned up to ask me for my opinion.

 “Then I said: Of course Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa  Solomona is spot on.

 “In the H.R.P.P. you would only find the big fishes from the deep ocean because in the shallow waters are only the tiniest of fishes that jumps at every drops and runs for dear life.”

This is 2017 and you have just seen such a spectacular commotion at the Tafaigata tip?

Poor Mata’afa Keni Lesā and Samoa Observer! You should have come to the Island Bay tip in the 1970; there were people of all colours scavenging at the Island Bay Tip.

And how did I know it?

It is because I was one of those who were vying for a: One man’s trash and another’s gold.

And do I regret it?


It is normal for human beings to go to a tip and rescue the waste from being perished and stop being Mr. Mrs. Ms. and Miss nice guys.

Look at me now!

It’s surely made me who I am of today!


Yours Sincerely

Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood


Apia, Samoa


Editor’s response: And what exactly are you doing today Mr. Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood?

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