A cruel and pathetic joke

Dear Editor,

Re: The man of the moment, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi!

I had the privilege to meet Dr. Asiata Va’ai at the Courthouse in Tuasivi. I remember his letters to the Observer and the political culture of Apia, which places ambition and money before integrity.

When aid is sought and spent on corruption instead, then the corrupt and their children and grandchildren benefit, but the population suffers through the loss of the benefit of that money and also the burden of repayment of that debt. This is a merciless cycle well established in Samoa with a huge network of those in political power. It encourages theft and deceit.

Within the church on a Sunday are true followers of Christ and true followers of Pepelo, the Deceiver.

If Judas has been stealing money from Jesus and sharing it with the murderer, liar and thief, Pepelo, then Pepelo would do anything to keep that blood money flowing, even if it means that Jesus family go hungry and suffer or die and if Jesus relatives have to be blinded or deafened or lied to so that Judas can keep stealing then Pepelo is eager to please. 

Decisions in Samoa came from the top and there is no consideration given to the rights of those of the masses.

As long as luxury unparalleled in Samoan history, is enjoyed by the Dictator and his cronies nobody else matters.

The Dictator is a tyrant, who avoids accountability, transparency and good governance.

I wondered how his accounts worldwide might be uncovered, examined and, if any defalcation (theft) is found, then frozen and the proceeds returned to the people.

I grieve for all those suffering poor living standards and dying in underfunded hospitals, so that the Dictator and his cohorts can live like kings.

The government is so hard on petty crime, yet so corrupt as to allow money laundering through loose controls. It seems the political elite are above the law.

The government ministries are feudal. They serve certain Cabinet Ministers and associates and are treated as their private property. The order of priorities seemed to be for the use of money:

First, the lifestyle and luxury of the Minister.

Second the salaries and comfort of workers.

Thirdly obtaining expensive reports praising Ministry efforts and achievements.

Finally the little remaining was spent on carrying out the core service function to the community.

This is a cruel, pathetic joke upon the good people of Samoa.

Maua Faleauto

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