Religion is not the answer, Jesus Christ is

Dear Editor,

Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation?

I must say that this is an interesting writing. I can’t say that this article presents facts but it presents an opinion with supporting quotations from others opinions, ideas and point of views. 

But to say that the Bible contains contradictions is either very brave or very stupid and blasphemous, To say the Bible contains even one contradiction is no difference from saying God lied to his creation and therefore God is corrupt and He is not the Truth.

I think it’s worth noting that the Scriptures that you presented as proof of contradictions are rules and judgments of how the people must live and behave in honoring their God. 

Even bondmen and maidservants from other countries not of a chosen people they must pay the cost and owe no man anything, even a brethren weren’t immune from being a bondman to a stranger, but there comes a time of redeeming that will also give the land rest. 

I think the writer mentioned he used to work in the U.S.A, I don’t believe he went to work to do what he wanted but to do what his employer instructed him to do. We are all serving somebody. 

Even church ministers are servants of God and servants to the people because we have bought with a prize not with money but with the precious blood of the Lamb of God. 

Our government is supposed to serve the people and do what the people want we pay them for their service but in turn they gave us a two trillion dollars burden to bear, there will be no rest even for the future generations. 

But I agree with the writer there was no need to change the constitution, if the country is full of Christians who are the Christians going to witness to? Themselves? 

But I agree with Tuiasosopo, the writer has no understanding of the Word of God and the quoted writers are not qualified to offer an opinion on Biblical matters unless they have been inspired by the Spirit of the Living God and have been truly enlighten by the All Knowing which is God and God alone. 

So criticize the constitutional amendment but not make the Inspired Word of God out to be a lie to support your argument and your point of view, because the Love is answer that you mentioned is God. 

“Religion, so far, hasn’t solved the problem of human understanding. Love is the answer.” 

Religion will never be the answer, Christ is.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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