Wants vs Needs

Dear Editor,

The greatest threat to our nation is the lack of opportunities/job and the rising cost of living. You add in all our own traditions and church demands, it becomes difficult to provide for daily needs.

We are becoming a nation of “wants” and not a nation of “needs”

Our government “needs” to create and expand the exports for farmers to sell goods/produce oversea. 

Create a fair market price for all export goods so that farmers are being rewarded for all the hard work they put in to work the lands. Make it a profitable market so that farmers can hire people to work the land which it creates jobs. Our traditions of giving and church demands “needs” to have some limitations to ease the burdens on our society.

Our children “need” to be in school and not on the street selling goods. Parents “need” to protect the children and not make them provider for all that they “want” but not necessarily “need”.

To eradicate this issue is to have a government that can negotiate deals with overseas market and other government. 

The government owns and operates ocean liner that can easily make it profitable for all parties. It is better to get 1% of profit than 0. 

The government can live off the 1% accumulation of funds from merchants if they invested in other areas within our nation. 

When your own brother and sister in A.M Samoa refuses to accept some of our export, it says a lot about the lack of influence or negotiating power of a sitting government. It carries the perception of mistrust.

As they say: Perception is Reality.

T. Samatua

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