What do you think about the 4-hour E.P.C. power outage on Sunday afternoon?

Reporter Yolanda Lavata’i spoke to members of the public to get their views on the power outage that caught everyone by surprise.

Metotisi Logoitino Alamagoto, 35

“In my opinion the power usually would go off days throughout the week and the public would be informed.  We were in church at the time, singing a hymn when all of a sudden we could no longer hear the piano playing. By the time church ended the spirit was no longer present. We did not know what time the power would be back on so we had made sure to do family prayer and cooked food before dark. A good thing too because the power did not come back on till after 8. “


To’afa Mao Esera, Vaitele Fou, 45

“All I have to say is that EPC look into improve management. We all rely on electricity and since the blackout occurred on Sunday it was difficult to hear the sermon or have music because the sound systems were off. It was really hot even. But I understand that they have a big responsibility and there is always pressure on them but all the more reason to manage everything better. But for the public, all I can say to be patient in times like this.”


Solomona Fata, Siumu, 32

“I know that the power outage really affected family Sunday tona’I. The ones, who make their meals using an electric stove or use other appliances to cook meals, had to bring out the old fashion method of cooking outdoors. In other words the power outage just caused a lot of inconveniences.  Even for church, majority of the people there lost interest because not only couldn’t they hear the pastor but it was too hot.”


Junior Mulipola, Vaiusu, 30

“On Sunday I usually attend church in afternoon. The congregation was full and of course while the pastor was giving his sermon the power went out and I had a difficult time hearing what the pastor was saying. I was not the only one. People started taking out there phones, going online and some even left before church actually finished. It did not feel like a Sunday.”


Jimmy Lauina, Sinamoga, 20

“When the power went off our TV, refrigerator and x-box was almost damaged. It took a while for it to work but after a few tries, we got it running. It would have been nice to have been notified that there would have been a blackout. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had the risk of damaging some of our belongings. “

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