The one size fits all solution

Dear Editor

In response to your editorial about corporal punishment, there is a one size that fits all solutions, it called spare the rod and spoiled the child. God doesn’t make mistakes. He knew the fix for our emotional problems, our social problems, spiritual and all sorts of problems when he made us in the first place. 

The mistake happens when we moved to endorsed this UN bull**** human rights agenda and our stupid leaders sided with them instead of the discipline of God’s rules in the the first place. 

Keni, I don’t wanna to be direct or draw a line of antagonist between our points of view but what you’re actually saying in it’s true spiritual terms is to ‘proceed with caution because God is not smart sometimes.’

I see where you’re coming from to the dot. Like ‘twas just yesterday when that case of a child caretaker in NZ that lead to the anti-smacking law. What happened is now far worse then it was, which is the direct result of the anti-smacking law.

The point is and in NZ as well, we would’ve made some giant leap forward in educating parents and future parents in the value of discipline had we not abandoned the mind of ‘spare the rod and spoiled the child,’ now we will have to go back and restart all over again from where we left off with mistakes and shame and hurt along the way. 

There are no quick or easy fixes and no human rights cautions here. Decide on what we want to do and do it. Any hurt and sorrows and stumbles on the way is price of achieving what we set up to do. 

The law is ‘seed, time and harvest,’ any other law besides that is wrong.

And while you’re on the subject of the end of year upon us in a few weeks please don’t make the same mistake you made last year by choosing a politician as the Samoa Observer’s person of year this time around. 

May I nominate the true father of our nation the former H.O.S. Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi as the Samoa Observer’s person of the year this time around. 

A true champion of the people and not some ai afu politician driving around in the people’s car bought and paid for doing nothing but prowling around for the next free handout from the people’s purse.



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