Inversion of words to create false meaning

Dear Editor,

Thank you Carl Marx for that elaborate explanation that was deliberately dismissed by our so-called intellectuals to hide the real intention of the law.

This country of ours will soon be an Orwellian Society as you try to portray it in the characters of your article. 

The inversion of words to create false meaning; good is bad, moral is immoral etc is a Totalitarian type of system that is destructive to the welfare of the free and open society.  They know very well that the law is flawed but they continued to defend it. 

By the way your name should be changed to Moses Hess since he was the one that influenced Carl Marx. Nice read by the way.

On another matter, there are people saying to take this to Court. 

Do you think the courts will be unbiased? 

Who is going to wait till 99 or so years for a lease to be expired to find out if they will have their land back or not or let alone being mortgaged by the lessee?

And by the way people didn’t really know how the law was drafted until some patriotic people like Dr. Fiu brought it up to their attention. 

P.S. Jeffery, I know how this system works, I have researched it out.  There is no way in hell any of the international banks will just flood Samoa with the amount of money they’ve given them unless land reforms were instituted to their favour.


Leituala Roger B.

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